Fixed Breedz & Tools

All "fixed" breedz listed on this page are available for Petz/Catz 5 only.
Feel free to convert them to older versions of Petz/Catz 3 or 4 for your own use if you want (and let me know about it, please).

These breed files will overwrite the breed files of the same names, so make sure to BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL BREED FILES FIRST!

To use them: Unzip the desired file(s) in your Catz 5 or Petz 5 \Resource\Catz\ sub-folder.

Fixed Fur for Catz 5 Breedz
Four of the new breedz that came with Catz 5 (the Desert Lynx, Egyptian Mau, Honey Bear, and Scottish Fold) have a layered texture that was unfortunately made non-transparent. This means that any color variations will not show through the textures and all catz bred and inheriting those textures will basically look the same color. These replacement breedz fix that problem and allow colors to show through the textures. This makes for much more interesting-looking pure bred and mixies indeed!

Original Breedz Compared to Fixed Fur Breedz

Info Sheet:
Original Breedz: Desert Lynx, Egyptian Mau, Honey Bear, and Scottish Fold
Textures Used: same as those used by original breedz (you already have them)
Creation Date: 2002
Modifications: top layered texture made semi-transparent to show base coat color underneath.
These breed files are compatible with Petz/Catz 5 ONLY!

Flealess & Healthy Alley Catz
This breed file produces flealess and healthy Alley Cats when adopting them out of the Petz 5 Adoption Center, and also carries on these healthy traits to their offspring when used while breeding. It will not cure an already flea-ridden or sick Alley or Alley mixie.
(Note that I am not the one who hexed this breed. I'm only offering it for download because it is no longer available elsewhere).

Flealess & Healthy Alley Catz

Info Sheet:
Original Breed: Alley Cat
Textures Used: none
Creation Date: 2003
Variations: coat colors, spots size/amount/shape/location, eye colors, cat sizes, and single or double fangs.
The Unibreed version is compatible with Petz/Catz 3, 4, and 5.

Spotless Russian Blue-Swapped Calicos
This breed file produces spotless Calico cats with a Russian Blue personality. They will come out of the Adoption Center without the smaller orange/black/white patches that appear on top of the larger ones. They have also been base-swapped to use the Russian Blue breed personality, as it makes them more willing and easier to pose for shows. The absence of small patches and Russian Blue personality traits carry on to their offspring when used while breeding. It will not remove the small spots or change the personality of any existing cat born or adopted prior to using this breed file.

Spotless Russian Blue-Baseswapped Calicos

Info Sheet:
Original Breed: Calico
Textures Used: none
Creation Date: 2004
Variations: same as original breed.
The Unibreed version is compatible with Petz/Catz 3, 4, and 5.


Speedwagon's UnMute Utility
Due to a bug in the game, Petz 5 occasionally (often) produces mute babies when breeding mixies. This handy utility created by Speedwagon allows you to quickly and easily (litterally with the click of a button) fix the muteness of all mute petz within any selected folder! Petz that are not mute will be left untouched. I have personally used this utility countless times without any problem, but you may want to backup your petz first, just in case.

Speedwagon's UnMute Utility - Muteness fixer!

Info Sheet:
Fixes mute petz with the click of a button!
Make sure to read the included readme.txt file for instructions once installed!




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