Királyi Records

Here I will be trying to record all the breedings and whatnot from Királyi. A few dogz will still read 'Frostmourne' but they were registered before my prefix change. They are either still owned by me or were bred by me but are owned by other kennels. Everything is recording in reverse order with newest at the top.

GCh - 2
Ch - 34/45
WC Placements - 3
Champions Produced - 14

~ 2019 ~

- Breeding -
Ch. Spriggan x W2 GCh. Cayenne:
Királyi Mythic Visions "Legend" A182729

Ch. Travis A50742 x Ch. Zandra A55575:
Királyi Phantom Beauty "Gift" A182731

- Imported -
Myriad Ticket to the Stars "Esther" A182797

- Adopted -
- none -

~ 2016 ~

- Breeding -
Ch Magnus A156473 x Ch Princess A156459:
Királyno of Királyi "Countess" A167988

Ch Jax A163004 x Ch Emma A157793:
Robbanás at Királyi "Alfons" A168005
Királyi Hókirályno "Csigora" A168004
Ch Királyi Kopasz Szamár "Gaspar" A168006

- Imported -
MHK Moonlight Serenade "Bianca" A168059
Myriad Kitörés "Vulkán" A168030
Ch MHK Force of Nature "Cezar" A168057
MHK Pacific Jewel "Piper" A168058

- Adopted -
Ch Királyi A Dark Force GPC "Spriggan" A165347
Keep the Beat at Királyi "Tempo" A165622
Kiralyi Gyozelem "Victor" A168031
Ch Királyi Beautiful Dream "Koza" A162922
Kiralyi Gyozelem "Victor" A168031

~ 2015 ~

- Breeding -
Ch. Spriggan x Ch. Amber
Ch Királyi Black Roses "Flora'" A168151
Ch Királyi Krém Fülek "Krém" A168378

GCh. Eri A131120 x Ch. Maria A132036:
Ch Epitome of Királyi "Princess" A156459 Ch Frostmourne Theramore's Fall "Jaina" A156460
GCh Frostmourne Echoechoecho "Echo" A156461
Ch Rebellious Prince at Frostmourne "Noble" A156462
Ch Frostmourne Colliding with Particles ChPC "Hadron" A156463

Ch Edward A55576 x BW Ch. Whispers A55338:
Ch Elixir of Királyi "Magnus" A156473

Ch. Paracelsus A54738 X Ch Druidess A130374:
Ch Királyi Lázadó "Jax" A163004

Ch William A131127 X Ch Druidess A130374:
Ch Királyi Everlasting Magic "Merlin" A156227
Ch Frostmourne Severance at Oxeye "Blade" A155734
Frostmourne I'm A Treat "Biscuit" P156226

- Imported -
Ch MHK Magyar Diamond "Sierra" A158900
Ch MHK The Ice Princess of Királyi "Emma" A157793
Ch MHK There's Always Hope "Carlie" A157791
Ch MHK Excelsior "Asterix" A158901

- Adopted -
Ch Borostyan of Királyi "Amber" A158169
Királyi Under the Shadetree "Shade" A162961
Ch Nárcisz of Királyi "Masquerade" A158100
Ch Rainstorm at Királyi "Rainey" A162960
Ch Királyi Usual Suspect "Boomer" A162921

~ 2012 ~

- Breeding -
Ch Knox A54146 x Ch Celtic A51127:
Ch Spellbound at Királyi "Druidess" A130374
Ch Vainglory of Frostmourne "Moola" A130732
Celtic Knot of Frostmourne "Knot" A130457

BIS Ch. Thunder (stud service) X BIS Ch. Minerva:
Ch Vulpes Pretty In Pink at Királyi "Pink" A131119
Vulpes The Hallow Bright of Frostmourne "Holocene" A130776
Ch Vulpes/Frostmourne Poison in His Tea "Vicarious" A130784
Ch Vulpes Same Old Song of Frostmourne "Ditto" A130786
Vulpes Little Boxes of Frostmourne OD ChPC "Nancy" A130787
Vulpes Love Me Now of Frostmourne "Mollie" A130788
W4 Ch Vulpes Tundra Storm of Frostmourne ChPC "Arctic" A130880

- Imported -
Ch SWSK's Solace in Freedom "Charity" A131126

- Adopted -
GCh Rebellion at Királyi "Eri" A131120
Ch Heiress of Királyi "Maria" A132036

~ 2007 ~

- Breeding -
Ch Travis 50472 X Ch Celtic A51127:
Ch Este of Frostmourne "Csilla" A56858
Sziasztok of Frostmourne "Istvan" A56856

- Imported -
- none -

- Adopted -
Ch Travis A50472
Ch Celtic A51127
Ch Mink
Ch Knox
Ch Edward
BIS Ch. Minerva
Ch Flint
Ch. Norton
Ch. Zandra