You've found the little corner of the internet dedicated to the beauty of the Kuvasz, a Hungarian breed of dog once valued by royalty. However, the dogz here are a little less on the dignified side, but none the less are beautiful pixel babies.

Királyi is a Hungarian word meaning Royal, and Kuvaszok were originally kept by royalty. I think they're regal dogs, full of intelligence and loyalty.


5.4.2020: Wow I haven't updated in a whole month xD Since then we've welcomed two new kuvasz, Blast and his sister Gamora co-owned by Alex @ Gotham, and champion titles earned for Vulkan, Gift, Esther and Bianca! We've also done well in the Premier ring including a BBC - congrats Duci!
03.04.2020: Happy freaking new year! Been a while since I've updated anything more than ribbons! We have a nice spring-y layout and some new faces! Welcome Andras, Duci, Kata and Aniko to the crew and congratulations to all of our new Champions in PKC!
25.12.2019: Happy Holidays to me ~ New layout that I blame Alex@Gotham for, and welcome to Esther! Also welcome a more petzy side to Királyi, with my attempt at a more play friendly kuvasz breed file. I will have it offered in Labrador OW and a unique standing file soon enough.
22.12.2019: Congratulations to Cezar for his PKC Championship title! Also, welcome to Legend and Gift, two new kuvaszok who will start in 2020.
14.12.2019: Congratulations to Emma, my first PKC Ch Kuvasz in three years! Updated some wins, and looking forward to the slew of shows that will be judging this month :) Hoping to snag a few GCh wins as well ~
29.11.2019: Woohoo, my own domain!!! After literally 3 years, I'm going to try this again. Minor updates, a new coloured layout, and various tweaks. Yay me!

24.09.2016: Welcome to Cezar, Vulkán, Victor, Piper and Bianca! We have some new paws from Morning Hollow Kennel and Myriad Kuvaszok lines!
20.09.16: Decided I wanted a better layout. So I rebuilt again. Updates and the like. Enjoy!
18.09.2016: Split dogs and bitches, removed some pages I never use 8D
13.9.2016: Updates! Welcome Alfons and Countess to the kennel!
19.4.2916: Updates! Congratulations to our new Champions, and welcome Tempo to the crew!