About Királyi

Királyi is an updated name for my kennel Frostmourne, which used to be an umbrella prefix for all of my working breeds. I decided to make a new start with my kuvasz when I hexed a few new foundation dogs in 2015. I wanted to differentiate between my miscellaneous working dogs and my specialties, and I wanted something in the native language of the kuvasz's homeland, Hungary.

Királyi means noble, which I thought a fitting title for the kennel. It's pronounced Key-rah-yee (according to Google, lol) and I think it sounds pretty cool.

About the Breeder

I'm pretty sure everyone in the Petz Community knows me for my fluffy white dogs, but I'm Alex. I've been playing Petz since 1998 o.O I've gone through many breeds over the years, but Kuvasz have stuck with me since I discovered it back in May of 2007. Through the years I've shown quite a few Kuvasz, 32 of whom are Champions. I'm seeking to expand the Grand Champion titles with a few dogs, with two already titled.

I myself am pretty boring. I'm old as dirt for a Petz player (34 :O), live in Ohio USA and have a /ton/ of real-life pets. 9 cats, 6 rats, 1 rabbit, 2 ball pythons, 2 guinea pigs, a savannah monitor and tanks of feeder mice for the snakes and monitor :)